• Pricing

Contactless Payment Processing
With the ZeroTouch Terminal

Your staff doesn’t need to handle credit cards.
Initiate contactless payments from your computer to our customer-facing ZeroTouch Terminal.

Contactless Payments Reduce
COVID-19 Risk

The World Health Organization has advised “to use contactless payments
to reduce the risk of transmission” of COVID-19.

  • Contactless Payments
    Contactless Payments

    Customers simply wave their smartphone or wearable over the device.

  • No Signatures Required
    No Signatures Required

    Removing the signature requirement eliminates the need to touch the terminal.

  • Receipt Exchange Removed
    Receipt Exchange Removed

    Receipt exchange is handled digitally, no physical exchange necessary.

Tech Specs


    Apple Pay

    Android Pay

    Samsung Pay

    Google Wallet

    Contactless EMV cards


    EMV Level 1 & 2

    3V & 5V cards



    Tracks 1, 2 & 3


    Multimedia Touch

    5” Multimedia LCD

    Signature Capture

    Corning® Gorilla® Glass


    EMV Level 1 & 2

    PCI PTS 5.x Certified

Accept Everything

While your staff remains hands off with the terminal, customers can still opt
for any type of payment, including EMV and NFC technology.

  • Swipe Card
    Swipe Card
  • EMV Chip
    EMV Chip
  • Smart Phones
    Smart Phones
  • Wearables

Easy Installation

Plug and play. The terminal is fast to set up, allowing you to process EMV and NFC transactions,
as well as capture digital signatures, in a matter of minutes.

  • Connect to Network
    1Connect to Network

    Plug the network cable into Ethernet and connect to a router or modem.

  • Plug Into Power
    2Plug Into Power

    Insert power adapter into the power port and wall.

  • Sync With Virtual Terminal
    3Sync With Virtual Terminal

    Couple your terminal with the Virtual Terminal.