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Streamlined Electronic
Invoice Payments

Send customers a remote, electronic invoice
payment request and get paid faster.

Paper Invoices are Inefficient

Paper invoices, receipts, and manual billing processes impact the collections workflow,
slow productivity, and prevent timely financial reporting.

  • Tedious Workflows

    Printing, mailing and filing invoices with receipts is labor-intensive.

  • Tracking Difficulties

    Paper records require staff to dig through file cabinets and are prone to loss or damage.

  • Receivables Delays

    Playing phone tag to collect payments wastes time and impacts cash flow.

Digital Invoices Improve Workflow

Convenient, remote payment requests via digital invoices are faster and more secure than
payments made by phone or mail. Businesses save time and gain operational efficiencies.

  • Search and Store Digitally
    Search and Store

    Link invoices with client payment details and securely store them in the cloud. Search using a client’s name, invoice number, transaction date, or a custom field.

  • Streamline Billing Processes
    Streamline Billing

    Add notes or instructions to the email and attach a PDF of the full invoice or supporting documentation. Easily send reminders for any balances that are overdue.

  • Gain Peace of Mind
    Gain Peace of

    Improve security since customers enter their card details into a hosted payment form via their own device instead of verbally exchanging information over the phone.

PayJunction’s invoice feature eliminates the need for clients to mail payments, drop off payments, and transmit their payment information via phone, fax, or email. It’s made our firm’s billing processes more efficient.
Picture of DeLonda K. Coleman DeLonda K. Coleman Owner of the Law Offices of DeLonda K. Coleman, P.C.

Staff and Customers Love Digital Invoices

Electronic invoices maintain social distancing while improving cash flow
and the customer experience.

  • Manage from Anywhere

    From the office or remotely, billing staff simply login in from any browser-connected device to create electronic invoices and track receivables.

  • Get Paid Faster

    Customers open an email and securely enter their credit card details. Easily gain approval for add-on services following initial appointments.

  • Boost Productivity

    Eliminate time-consuming tasks so staff gains time back to take care
    of customers and focus on
    activities that return value to the business.

We've used other platforms for [invoices] in the past, but faced challenges with security, ease of use, responses, and tracking payments. [PayJunction’s invoices] are so easy to use and saves us so much time, plus our clients love it.
Logo of Cypress Fairhaven Lauren McDevitt Practice Manager at Cypress Fairhaven Animal Hospital

Easy as 1-2-3

Creating, managing, and completing electronic invoices can be effortless with
PayJunction’s remote invoice payment request.

  • 1 Create an Invoice

    With a few simple clicks, you can send an invoice and supporting information, condensing accounts receivable workflows to minutes.

  • 2 Get Paid Instantly

    Customers open the request and enter payment details into a secure form using their computer, tablet, or mobile device.

  • 3 Receive Status Alerts

    Once approved, the invoice will show as “paid” in the Virtual Terminal and an electronic receipt will be sent to you and to the customer.

Get Paid Faster with
Electronic Invoices

Modernize your billing and collections processes. Improve your business’s cash flow with digital invoice payment requests.