One Payment API
to Rule Them All

Don't turn to a patchwork of providers. We're a
one-stop shop for all the endpoints you need.

Happier Customers With Reduced Liability

We’re at the forefront of smart EMV technology. Our cloud-based terminal is beautiful and elegant.
Your customers simply plug it into a power source and the network.

  • Accept

    Equip customers with NFC and ACH processing, and reduce liability with EMV.

  • Go

    Store digital transaction histories and payment signatures in the cloud for future reference.

  • Be

    Minimize PCI scope by never storing, processing or transmitting cardholder data.

More Features, Less Work

Our payment API enhances your software by providing additional operational benefits to your customers.
Help them get more done in less time and drive up customer satisfaction.

  • Non-Payment Signatures

    Get digital signatures for anything: terms, conditions and policies.

  • Remote Signatures

    Equip your customers with the ability to capture signatures on phone orders.

  • Accounts on File
    on File

    Make refunding and recharging customers easy by storing tokenized cards on file.

  • Automated Recurring

    Eliminate follow-up for your customers with custom and auto debit schedules.

We Invest in Your Success

We give your clients the white glove treatment. We focus on high conversion
rates and customer satisfaction. We treat your customers like our own.

  • Hands-On Onboarding

    We take a personal approach to merchant sign up.

  • Unethical Fee Analysis
    Unethical Fee

    We ensure your customers get the best rates by removing unfair fees.

  • Dedicated Staff

    We dedicate team members to support your customers.

Distribution and Marketing

We want our integrations to be successful. Through PayJunction Partnerships, we’ll promote
your integration through the following channels to support adoption:

  • Sales support from
    3,000 resellers
  • Blog post highlighting
    integration on the web
  • National press
    release distribution
  • Landing page for
    lead capture
  • Social media and email
    promotion to clients
  • Promotion to thousands
    of active merchants

Quick Set Up

Get up and running in fewer sprints. Our credit card processing API is easy to use and
we provide you with all the tools to swiftly incorporate our payments suite.

  • Review

    View our open code base to evaluate our API and get coding fast.

  • Request

    Apply for an Application Key to access our open API and developer sandbox.

  • Get a Free

    Receive a free EMV-ready Smart Terminal for development testing.

We’ve been told a million times ‘Oh this will be easy, it will go very quickly.’ Oddly, with PayJunction it was a reality. Ridge Sampson Software Founder

Invest in a Lasting

We're in this for the long haul. Integrate with a payment API that's involved from start to finish.