Simple, All-in-One
Payment Processing

When you've outgrown your provider or need to consolidate, it's time to upgrade to an all-in-one payment processor.

Meet All Your Needs

Software That Is Built to Scale

Whether you operate a one-location business or a multi-store conglomerate,
our software and solutions support your departmental, location and employee growth.

  • Various Departments

    Manage multiple batches in one place for easier deposit reconciliation.

  • Multiple Locations

    Merge and manage multiple merchant accounts under one login.

  • Different Users

    Adjust user permissions to restrict actions and access as desired.

Comprehensive Financial Reports

Manually keeping track of sales totals is a thing of the past. Our built-in reporting makes sense of all
your transactions and provides up-to-date insights into your business's health.

Ethical and Transparent Billing

We believe in integrity over profits. Since 2000, we've disrupted the payment processing industry
with transparency and award-winning service. We're an ethical, people-first provider.

Free Savings Report

An honest credit card processing provider is hard to find, but we believe you deserve to be billed fairly.
We take the following steps to ensure that this happens:

  • Statement Analysis

    We review your current bill and identify any unethical fees.

  • Savings Report

    We eliminate these fees, resulting in cost savings moving forward.

  • Ethical Processing

    We provide transparent merchant statements with no unethical fees.

The 20-Point Merchant Service Provider Assessment

Advocate for your business! Download the Merchant Service Provider Assessment to see whether
you're the victim of unethical billing practices and learn how to negotiate with your provider.

Awards Across the Board

You can't become an award-winning business without caring about others first.
At PayJunction, we believe our wealth is measured by the success of our customers and team.


    10+ Years of PCI
    Level 1 Status


    Customer Service
    Department of the Year


    Best Place to Work —
    Employees' Choice


    FinTech Software
    Solution of the Year

I gauge my administrative products and customer support by how happy my staff is and how little they complain, and they love PayJunction. Dr. Adam Lowenstein Plastic Surgeon
I gauge my administrative products and customer support by how happy my staff is and how little they complain, and they love PayJunction. Dr. Adam Lowenstein Plastic Surgeon
In regards to our credit card processing, we are really thankful that PayJunction has done it for us. Jenny Torres Auto Dealership Controller
There really isn’t an aspect of the business that hasn’t been improved by making the switch to PayJunction. Drew Holwerda Medical Office Manager
It keeps us up to date, it keeps us current. It’s just saved us a lot of time, a lot of headaches and it’s just a great system. Rob Gonzalez Wholesale Hardware Supplier
I can’t express enough how much PayJunction has changed office life for me. Shalon Leonard Audiology Coordinator
PayJunction has been great. It’s actually doubled my business in credit cards. Doing business is easier. Will McDaniel Driving School Owner

No Contracts, No Risk

We earn back our customers' business each month by delivering unparalleled service.
Try us alongside your current provider and see how our pricing and service stacks up.

  • Volume-Based

    We provide our customers with competitive rates and beneficial rate plans.

  • Month-to-Month

    You can simply return your terminals and cancel at any time, at no cost.

  • Free

    Businesses can qualify for one free Smart Terminal to get up and running fast.