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Rapid Credit Card

Refunds don't have to be inconvenient. Instead, simply search and issue a refund with a click.

Refunds Take Time

It shouldn't be a hassle to issue refunds to your customers.
If it is, they'll be less likely to become repeat customers for your business.

  • Games of
    Phone Tag

    Your staff wastes time calling customers for their credit card numbers.

  • Customer
    Return Trips

    Your customers are inconvenienced with another errand on their to-do lists.

  • Searching
    for Receipts

    Your customers have to find their paper receipt copies for a credit card refund.

Issue a Refund With a Click

With cards on file, you can search for the transaction and issue a partial refund or full refund.
Easy refunds reduce payment friction for a better customer experience.

  • Simple Search

    Search by date, amount, name or invoice number.

  • Rapid Refund

    Refund without a trip or call to provide card info.

It also allows us to look back into the system to find an old card that was used ... You could refund the card immediately. It is an exceptional feature. Jennifer Caruso Veterinary Office Manager

Make Refunds
a Breeze

Save time processing refunds and foster positive relationships with your valued customers.